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Senior Training

Anyone is welcome to join any or all training sessions.
Feel free to  contact Jen Misak or Gillian Carr (Tuesday Night Coach) with any questions

Tuesday Evening

Seniors training takes place every Tuesday night, meeting at 7.00pm at Kingsmeadows Car Park in Peebles.

The sessions are based on standard interval training that would fit in into a typical 10k runner / endurance training programme.  A typical session consists of 10 -15mins warm up, then a set 3 to 5 intervals x 3 - 6 min intervals at running hard, but not flat out, with rest in between of about half the effort time and regrouping after each one, followed by a decent warm down.


The efforts will always be done on time, rather than distance, to accommodate all speeds and everyone gets equal rest.


The whole session takes about an hour and by mixing up the routes and using hills some weeks for variety.


Thursday Evening Runs

Informal trail runs take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.


The meeting point for the 1st Thursdays is at 7.00pm outside No.1 Café in Innerleithen and for the 3rd Thursday it’s at 7.00pm at Kingsmeadows Car Park  in Peebles.


Each run has a 'run leader' and they plan a continuous route of about an hour or 5 to 6 miles . The pace is social and runners regroup along the way. Afterwards there’s the option to come along for a drink or two in one of the local pubs.


These runs are a great way to get to know offroad routes in the area and enjoy a catch-up with fellow runners.

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